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For the entire month of March and most of April, I was embroiled in a bitter battle that pitted me against man, robot, and my own stupidity and capacity for resilience. The long story takes over 40 minutes, both hands, and at least a glass of wine to tell. The short story is that I had to stare and watch robots do a job that was supposed to mean I was free to do the rest of my job for many, many hours a week.

In normal lab circumstances, I listen to music and sing along if no one's around. However, these were extreme circumstances and I quickly become aware that music alone would not keep my sanity intact. Enter podcasts. I already knew a small handful of podcasts from the greatest hits of my previously 4-hour daily commute (also known as The Dark Days or the Year of 150 Books). But as I said before, these were extreme circumstances and I needed more than the brief backlog I had left myself from those days.

So, without further ado, the list of podcasts that kept me sane and that I recommend to you. This is not a comprehensive list of the apocalypse - I vetted many podcasts and some did not make the subscription cut and others I recommend at the end with caveats. But I enjoyed these and I hope you will too!

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Letter for Labocat on AO3 for the Rare Male Slash Exchange - heavily in progress as I continue fighting the robot apocalypse

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This is really long and I apologize! (also partially still in-progress, for which I also apologize)

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Organizing a Taobao order again; please leave the name of the item, the link, the price, and any options (size, color, etc.) in a comment! I won't reply so that you can edit it up until the deadline, at which point I'll submit the order and give you a total.

Deadline is the 21st of March! If you have any questions, including suggestions, please don't hesitate! <3

Order placed! Everything is in as of now, so you should all have totals now. Totals include internal shipping, commission fee, and international payment fee. Paypal is archergirl14@hotmail.com
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I love writing and sending cards to people, so please let me know if you would like to receive one!

Comments are screened, so please leave your address and name! Also colors you like. <3
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The holiday season!

I love sending out cards to people, so if you would like to receive one from me this year, please leave your name, address, and whether or not you would like a denominational card!

Also let me know if you absolutely don't want me possibly intoxicated while writing your card. I won't promise that I will be, but I love eggnog. A lot. So it's a strong possibility. I get sappier, but also ramblier and more off-topic. Also I think my handwriting suffers.

Comments are, of course, screened. <3
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So there was talk of organizing another Taobao order, so let's do it!

Leave your links here, and I will organize the order.

Ideally, I would like to submit to order to Taobao Spree within the week (aiming for Monday now, so you have the weekend to gather links and such), so please leave links of things you would like to order here! (please organize by seller so that my poor brain doesn't have to work as hard)